Esty's approach builds on the analyses, frameworks, tools, and best practices developed during more than 20 years of experience with Fortune 500 companies, in-depth academic research on hundreds of businesses, and energy and environmental policy experience.

Deriving competitive advantage from energy, environment, and sustainability measures is like many other business initiatives: success requires a clear strategy, focus, and disciplined execution. Working with structured frameworks, as well as understanding and adopting best practices, greatly increases a company’s likelihood of a positive payoff.

Today, through a complex world of resource shortfalls, regulatory restrictions, and the growing pressure from customers and other stakeholders to strive for sustainable business practices, rigorously developed strategy is essential to achieving business success. With a clear focus on execution, Esty helps companies respond to environmental pressures and responsibilities while sparking innovation that will drive long-term growth.

Our services include:

  • Conducting a corporate sustainability strategy analysis
  • Energy efficiency and environmental issue spotting
  • Developing and implementing a clear sustainability strategy
  • Creating comprehensive sustainability communication programs
  • Establishing environmental innovation and product design methods
  • Building a strong internal sustainability culture
  • Setting up a sustainability advisory board
  • Benchmarking and performance tracking
  • Developing tailored sustainability reports
  • Providing expert testimony



Esty Group offers customized workshops and training programs for both environmentally and economically aware managers and executive teams that are just beginning to develop or want to expand an already established set of sustainable capabilities.

Esty tailors workshops to the objectives of clients, and delivers sessions that range from hour-long speeches to half-, full-, or two-day sessions. Esty works with audiences of all types, including senior executives, sustainability teams, project teams, and cross-functional management groups.

Esty Group's sessions help companies to learn:

  • Why environmentally-minded leaders outperform competitors in the marketplace
  • How to spot strategic sustainability issues that could affect competitiveness or performance
  • Which stakeholders matter and how to engage them
  • What essential elements of every successful sustainability strategy produce results
  • How targeted energy and environmental actions cut costs, reduce risks, generate revenues, and enhance brand value
  • Which key steps to use when putting corporate sustainability strategy into practice
  • How to jump-start energy efficiency and environmental initiatives that build an internal sustainability culture
  • What common pitfalls cause energy, environment, and sustainability initiatives to fail



Esty is a sought after commentator and lecturer on business, energy, and climate change issues. Speaking at conferences, industry association meetings, and leadership retreats, his discussions include how companies generate lasting value, cut costs, reduce risk, drive new revenues, and create strong brands by building energy efficiency, environmental consciousness, and sustainable thinking into their core business strategies.

Esty provides clear how-to advice and presents concrete examples from companies across the world that are achieving both environmental and business success. Examining all aspects of the business through a sustainability lens, from global corporations to local organizations, Esty lays out a framework for establishing a competitive advantage in the marketplace. He also proposes strategies and tools that help companies find their way in a world of diminishing resources, growing financial pressures, and greater regulatory constraints.

Speaking engagement examples:

  • Fortune 500 companies
  • Government agencies
  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Community groups
  • Trade associations



Esty Group views sustainability performance as a balance among economic progress, environmental protection, and social responsibility - the triple bottom line - that leads to competitive advantage. The in depth evaluation of economic, environmental, and social impacts of organizational actions is necessary to make effective operational and capital investment decisions that positively impact organizational objectives and satisfy the objectives of multiple stakeholders.

As an outside independent reviewer of a company’s existing sustainability efforts, Esty works to improve operational performance through the analysis of existing organizational practices and the development of plans for improvement. Companies and organizations may draw on Esty Group's evaluation services for a number of reasons, including to gain external and objective advice, to analyze and track progress toward a higher level of accountability and sustainability performance, and to access Esty’s specialized expertise.